Investment Process

In order to identify opportunities and challenges, it is necessary to develop insights into the market that extend beyond the end of the trading day. Iron Harbor’s straight-ahead fundamental approach centers on the impact of economic and geo-political trends over time. This is evidenced in our four-step investment process.

This fundamental approach is the driving force for all of our investment strategies. It is how we are able to look beyond the trading day to opportunities and challenges ahead.


Idea Generation

Idea generation is the engine of our investment process. From the comprehensive macroeconomic and geopolitical trend forecasts we develop to mining our extensive network of contacts to gauge market sentiment, we formulate thoughtful and well-researched ideas.


Investment Selection

Investment selection is the third stage of our process and involves identifying low-risk, relative value opportunities where market expectations diverge from economic fundamentals.



Next, we utilize internal models to validate our forecasts and quantify market expectations.


Portfolio Management

The final step is portfolio management. Here, we employ trading risk controls to measure, manage, and monitor our market exposure.